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6 DIY Pallet Projects For Your Home (And Even Your Pet!)

Jul 12 2017

We must admit that pallets are one of the easiest and accessible materials that you can work with to create and achieve the perfect rustic vibes for your new home, or even your new cafe or office space.

The best part to this popular trend is that not only is it pocket-friendly, it is also a great way to introduce upcycling to your lifestyle. Before we get started, here are some places where you can get hold of pallets in Malaysia:

Wooden Pallet Supplier

SC Wooden Product Manufacturer

Noble Pallet

Lim Ket Leng Timber


If you're the crafty type, we've gotten some awesome DIY tutorials that you can use to create your own coffee table, and even bed for your furry friends. 


1. Coffee Table

Source: norskeinteriorblogger

One of the most popular pallet DIY projects around, this pallet coffee table is perfect for your home or office. Simply attach castor wheels to the bottom of the pallet and complete it with a glass top for the touch of rustic elegance. 


2. Bed Frame

Source: Ezgi Polat

It might look slightly intimidating to put together but this will be easier than you imagine. The key to this, like all pallet projects, is to make sure that the pallets you have selected are clean and dry, and not infested with termites or any kind of insects. Make sure they are dry and uniform in shape so your bed frame looks amazing and impressive. 

Stack them up according to your preferred height and throw your mattress over. Voila! You are ready to snooze. 


3. Patio Bench

Source: en.dawanda.com 

For those of you who like hanging out and chilling in your patio with your loved ones on the weekends, fixing up some pallet patio benches will be a great idea for your guests, especially if you are always throwing big gatherings. This will include some sawing and disassembling of the original pallet that you have gotten hold of. You can refer to this for more instructions.


4. Plant Rack

Source: homelovr.com

Rip off some panels of the pallet and you might have just made yourself an interesting plant rack. Perfect as a centrepiece in your garden. 


5. Shelving

Source: diytomake 

Great for any room in your house, for any purpose, this pallet shelving unit is a great way to store your belongings and keep them within reach. Plus, you can make a couple of this with one pallet. 


6. Pet Bed

Source: ruggydiy

Let's not forget about our furry friends! Make them a comfy bed where they can hang out with you in the room too. 







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