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10 Unique Christmas Gifts Under RM30 For The Last Minute Shoppers

Dec 06 2019

There is something about last minute Christmas shopping that is highly stressful yet superbly exciting - you're really focused on your tasks and your adrenaline is at a all-time high, making you sprint through shop after shop and checking off your Christmas shopping list mentally. We know the frustration that comes with this last minute shopping so we are putting together a list of Christmas gifts that you can order through us while keeping your budget in check. 


1. Haw Flakes Acrylic Brooch, One Gallery, RM14.90


For that friend who used to share their hawthorn flakes with you in primary school, or your parents who always make sure that these are in your birthday goodie bags for your friends, this brooch will sure bring back memories between you and your loved ones. Throw in a few rolls of the real hawthorn flakes for your loved one's emergency snacking needs.


2. Blue Tea Cup Coin Pouch, Bingka, RM30


Whether it's for a tea lover, or someone who loves collecting pouches, this Blue Tea Cup Coin Pouch will make a great gift for your office's Secret Santa Gift Exchange, or make a perfect stocking stuffer for this holiday. 


3. Violent Telang Tea, Uncang Tea, RM15


Look at that! The colour of the tea already puts us in the right place for the festivities and celebrations. Perfect for your tea-loving friends, co-workers, or your family.


4. Laksa Iron On Patch, Salang Design, RM15


Whether you're gifting a tote bag with this ironed on it, or just this on its own, the Laksa Iron On Patch will be an adorable Christmas gift for your homies and will definitely give their favourite fabric items an extra edge and style.


5. Pink Dream Body Scrub, Suravont, from RM30


Made with pink Himalayan salt, Ylang-Ylang essential oil and organic coconut oil, this Pink Dream Body Scrub makes us want to head home right now and indulge in a deep cleansing session and a relaxing bath. Great for that one stressed up friend who seriously needs to wind down this Christmas!


6. 76% Cacao Cocoa Nibs - Single Origin Batang Kali, Selangor, Seniman Kakao, RM14


Speaking of destress, who doesn't love a bite or two (or the entire bar) of chocolates? Using Malaysian cacao to make into these delicious and decadent chocolate, Seniman Kakao will be great for those who always love a not-so-sweet but rich treat.


7. Enamel Pin - RM2 Banknote, Lebihlah., RM22


Be it for a pin-collecting friend or to that friend you owed a lot of RM2 to, this pin will be an interesting way to say, "Thank you for being my friend in need always."


8. Teh O'Ais Limau Tote Bag, Home Too Much, RM29


We all have that one friend whose go-to mamak beverage of choice is Teh O'Ais Limau. Get this tote bag for him/her and let them wear their one-true love for the refreshing drink proud on their shoulders!


9. Kueh Tutu Socks, Freshly Pressed Socks, RM27 (usually RM36)


From far, they resemble flowers. But when you look nearer, they are your favourite Tutu Kuih on the socks! 


10. Food Paradise Kuih Kuih - Mini Puzzle, Loka Made, RM28


And if you have that one friend who misses local food and snacks, this mini puzzle will be perfect for your favourite foodie, or that one friend who's away and super homesick. 




Christmas Specials!

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