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MAKER FRIDAY: The Young, Bright & Flourishing Enamel Pin Duo

Jul 05 2019

On random Fridays, we go into the lives of our selected makers to give you insights into the brands and products you see at Naiise.

This week, we asked Penang-based enamel pin duo, JY and Sugy a couple of questions for us to know more about their story and brand — Lebihlah.

What is Lebihlah.?
We are local pin makers showcasing "Malaysian-ness" through our designs. Lebihlah. is meant to express “something extra” in our lives, especially something extra that makes us look extra modish and hip!

Why enamel pins?
Enamel pin was originally known as collar pin and it's a way to recognize the title of government servants of different positions in their respective departments. One of the main reasons we chose pin is that it lasts the longest among any of the other material. Unlike photos and any printed material, enamel pins can bring any items to life through the textures as well as the material itself! Also, they are suitable for many types of fabrics like clothing and even daily items like cap and pencil case!

What is your work inspired by?
Our curation is mainly inspired by Malaysian daily items, especially those that accompanied us since we’re born!

We know that you both are still university students. What made you start this business at this tender age?
Tender age is what made us start this business! Haha! We believe this is the best time to learn something new and we literally have nothing to lose at all!

Were there any times when you doubted the decision to start your own brand (and if so how did you overcome them) or did you always remain positive?
We never doubted the decision but yes, we faced difficulties throughout the process just like every young entrepreneur out there. We are a team of two and we’re also each other’s life companion too! Being supportive of each other is what brought us here today. We might be hindered with some setbacks along the way but we are not going to stop!

Since you're still students, describes the life of JY and Sugy juggling between school and your business.
The most struggling period must be the final exam week that happened to both of us AT THE SAME TIME! We have to rush to pack the orders in the middle of the night while studying for our core subject paper the very next day…

tired good night GIF

Which do you enjoy more: Uni life or working on growing your brand?
Definitely working on our brand! This is a process where we meet good people and gain new experiences.

Moving forward, is your brand mainly focusing on enamel pins? Or is there anything on the way (you can talk about) that you’re excited to share?
For the meantime, yes! But we’re gonna have collaborations with some local brands soon, so stay tuned ya!

From your collection, which piece is your proudest one to date and why?
This question is like asking a mother to pick their favourite child… No way! Haha! Every Lebihlah.’s pin makes us proud as we’ve seen them from zero up till the end product today.


What do you wish to achieve with this brand moving forward?
We hope Lebihlah can be a signature of Malaysians someday. And yes, without supports from all of you we are literally nothing!

Do you take in custom designs?
Yes, we do. The most recent one was for the Graduation Showcase for Equator College.

Why Naiise?
We’ve actually followed (stalked) Naiise on IG for some time and we loved everything you guys are selling! We believe that Naiise will be a comfortable second home for us!

One fun fact about both of you.
JY is a Civil Engineer to-be and Sugy is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine to-be.

shocked gif wow GIF

Of course we need to ask this: Favourite food in Penang. Go!
Hokkien Mee (Har Mee/Prawn Noodle in KL), Char Koay Teow, Yam Rice (highly recommended!), Chendol and many more! (DM us to know more haha!)

What would you like to tell all the university students out there who dream of having their own brand but don't know where to start?
Based on our experience so far, we would say: Identify the risks you are going to face, the amount of capital and time needed, etc. Don’t enter the market if you’re not familiar with it yet, especially when your fund is limited (IMPORTANT!). Also, never expect someone else to chase the dream for you. You have to get your hands dirty and go through all the trials and errors to achieve your vision and mission for your brand. And of course, you have to maintain work-study balance in your own methods. It will be tough, but the sleepless nights will pay off eventually! :)


Lebihlah. is giving 5 lucky winners an enamel pin each! Head over to our Instagram to participate in our giveaway and stand a chance to win one of the enamel pins! Giveaway period ends 10 July.



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