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Total Truth in what we claim for, what we product and what we do.

NAVEEN is the inspiration of Taiwan based natural skincare formulator Karen Kung, a mother of two who has lived and breathed health and wellbeing for the past 25 years. Karen’s belief system is uncompromising in the quality and ethics of True. Frustrated by the lack of regulations around natural and organic globally, it is personally important to her that she brings a brand to consumers that mirrors our principles of clarity, honesty and responsibility.

True to our Formulas

All NAVEEN formulations are one of a kind, and developed from scratch by Karen who has been creating natural skincare products for more than 2 decades.

Only the highest quality ingredients and plant actives are used in our premium formulations. Careful extraction processes are chosen using the least amount of mechanical and solvent processing, to ensure the purity and performance quality of plant oils and extracts are maintained.

As a result, we believe NAVEEN products are the purest skin care it is possible to achieve.



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